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Night Vision for Airguns

  Night vision scopes are very popular these days, especially with hunters of feral wild pigs. They’re excellent for all sorts of nocturnal vermin, which is what led me to start thinking about getting one. We’ve had rats showing up in our city in the last few months and while I managed to bag a […]

My TX200 comes home

Six years ago I sold my TX200 to a friend who had great plans for shooting it regularly at his place up North. This was a custom Jim Maccari tuned gun with a Simmons scope I used in my second year of Field Target competition back in the late 1990s, and it was capable of […]

The IZH-46m Part II

In our last visit with the IZH-46m I’d just begun to reshape the grip. Here it is after several iterations with rasp and sandpaper: I’ve tapered the grip towards the rear, thinned the wood at the top of the grip, and carved finger grooves. Quite a bit more to do but it’s already a significant […]

The IZH-46m Part I

  Having sold my Alfa Proj, I once again had money in my toy account (aka my PayPal account) and just as I was wondering what to try next a pair of clean IZH-46m pistols showed up on the TargetTalk forum. I jumped on one for a very reasonable $425 (they’re $599 new) and three […]