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Tests and evaluation of guns, pellets, scopes and other airgun-related materials

Crosman 1701p PCP Silhouette pistol part II

In my previous post, I described my initial impression of the Crosman 1701p. It’s a potentially very accurate pistol, but I thought it was held back from achieving its potential by a so-so trigger and simple grips. There wasn’t much I could do about the trigger, but there are a lot of aftermarket grips available. […]

The Crosman 1701p Silhouette Pistol part I

  Ever since selling my last Crosman CO2 pistol I’ve been thinking about getting one of their PCP pistols. There are basically three: The Marauder pistol, which combines the Marauder action and shrouded barrel in .22with a modified 2400-series pistol grip with a much better trigger, the Field Target pistol, which is pretty much the same thing […]

Pellet Traps for indoor practice

If you want to improve your marksmanship you’ve got to practice, and unless you have a dedicated outdoor range with a sand berm, like one friend of mine, you’re going to need a pellet trap. Even if you have an outdoor range, if you live in the Northern half of this country you’ll need a […]

The Beeman P1/ Weirauch HW45

  The P1 is pretty familiar to most air gunners, thanks to Beeman’s agreessive marketing of it as the most powerful spring powered pellet pistol in the world. It isn’t, of course, but it is an interesting and well made gun. Hermann Weirauch, the makers, have a long reputation for making air guns with the […]