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Category Archives: Airgunsmithing

The IZH-46m Part I

  Having sold my Alfa Proj, I once again had money in my toy account (aka my PayPal account) and just as I was wondering what to try next a pair of clean IZH-46m pistols showed up on the TargetTalk forum. I jumped on one for a very reasonable $425 (they’re $599 new) and three […]

Beeman R7/HW30 upgrade: Vortek tune kit

My Beeman R7 is the first quality airgun I ever bought, way back in the early 1980s. It ¬†was a smooth shooting, highly accurate gun when new. When it was about 20 years old the original spring had lost a lot of its power, so I replaced the spring with an aftermarket spring. That restored […]

Making a rear sight for a Slavia ZVP

Just about a year ago I posted an item about a Slavia ZVP I was restoring that was lacking the rear sight. Today I was visiting¬†a superb website by an an amateur airgunsmith that I linked to previously, and lo and behold, he’s crafted a replacement rear sight for his Slavia entirely from scratch- that’s […]

Customizing the QB-78 Rifle

One of the most popular inexpensive air guns around is the Chinese-made QB-78, a clone of a classic Crosman design, the 160. The original QB-78s were kind of crude, but later models have been better made, and ever since Crosman finally discontinued the 160 there’s been a big demand for the Chinese clone. The gun […]