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When Daisy Went to War

No doubt you’re looking at the Daisy break barrel gun above and thinking that sorta looks like an M-16, doesn’t it? And you’d be exactly correct. In 1967, the US Army adopted a new training program that emphasized instinctive shooting, which was thought to be advantageous in the close-up jungle environments of Southeast Asia. Here’s […]

A Reloading Tool for the Crosman Trapmaster 1100

  I recently received this photo of a reloading tool designed for the Crosman Trapmaster 1100 from Toby Koehn, who inherited the tool from his grandfather, who built it. Pretty impressive. I’ve owned two 1100s, and I’ve never seen anything similar. Have any of our readers seen one like it? Toby also notes that his […]

A Miniature Break Barrel Air Rifle

  I’m a huge fan of miniature mechanical objects of all sorts, so a miniature airgun is something that really appeals to me. This particular gun, found at, is a 1/3rd scale rifle by Ron DeWalt.  Yours for only $1,850. Looks like an early BSA to me, but there were a lot of guns […]

Bond. James Bond.

My attention was directed to a story in the British press today about a movie memorabilia auction featuring some rather iconic items, like a complete Darth Vader outfit. More interesting to readers of this blog was the news that that the gun held by Sean Connery in the poster for From Russia With Love sold […]