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Category Archives: Collecting

Bond. James Bond.

My attention was directed to a story in the British press today about a movie memorabilia auction featuring some rather iconic items, like a complete Darth Vader outfit. More interesting to readers of this blog was the news that that the gun held by Sean Connery in the poster for From Russia With Love sold […]


I was pleasantly surprised to find this classic airgun in a toy store last Wednesday- and in Ann Arbor, of all places. (Michigan residents will understand.)  Even better, this is the original, cast metal design- not the plastic ones that seemed to replace them in recent years. This gun has a real heft to it, […]

A Modified Beeman C1

Here’s another gun from the back of the cabinet that hasn’t been out in the field in a long time. It’s an original Beeman C1 carbine in .177 that I bought used in the late 1980s from a fellow airgunner who’d done some tuning on it- I think he relubed it and did a little […]

Hy-Score 814 Pistol

Looking through my past postings, I was surprised to find that I’d never featured my Hy-Score 814 pistol. If you’re familiar with the English-made GAT pistol and rifle, this should look very familiar, as it uses the same sort of push-barrel design. To load, you push the barrel backwards, until it locks. This b rings […]