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The history and origins of airguns

My new old Feinwerkbau 300S, part I

  Way back in 2007 I wrote about the Feinwerkbau 300, a gun I had fired a few times but never owned. Then just a few weeks ago I found a very affordable one in a a target shooting forum I regularly check into . I sent payment, and four days later it showed up […]

Robert Law and Air Rifle Headquarters

Most air gunners today aren’t aware of Robert Law, the man who really introduced modern high quality European airguns to the American market. We had Daisy, of course, and Crosman, Sheridan, Benjamin, and a number of other domestic makers, but their guns were looked on largely as toys by most gun hobbyist. But in Europe, […]

The Daisy 777 Target Pistol

I’ve written a bit about the 777 and its cheaper cousins, the 747 and 717, but until this one arrived via UPS yesterday I had never actually handled a 777. I found this one at a very good price on  It arrived, along with a Plano case, a set of airgun-sized silhouettes, and three […]

The HW Barakuda

I first came across this unusual gun in the pages of W.H.B. Smith’s Gas and Spring Air Guns of the World. (I traded my somewhat rare copy away, but I see you can now order a nice reissue from Stackpole books for much less than originals are selling for.)  Getting back to the Barakuda: It’s perhaps the […]