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Category Archives: New Guns

Diana K98

I’m generally not a big fan of replica air guns, but this one caught my eye for a number of  reasons: First, it’s a replica of a classic metal-and-wood bolt action rifle, the WWII-era Mauser K98, and not some modern futuristic-looking polymer machine gun. Second, it’s a real practical pellet rifle, delivering an advertised  1100fps with light […]

Benjamin Marauder in .177 (Part 1)

I haven’t owned a PCP airgun since I foolishly sold my custom-built Stalker Cheetah 17 years ago. But then about a week ago I gave in to temptation and bought the new (Gen 2) version of the Benjamin Marauder PCP gun:   I’d been thinking about buying a PCP since Crosman introduced the Discover a […]

The Crosman Challenger PCP Target Rifle

  One of the best deals in 10 meter competition is Crosman’s Challenger PCP rifle, which can be had for under $600 complete with sights. That’s a pretty good deal, considering that a set of Anschutz sights alone can cost close to $500. The word from competition circles is that it can be a very […]

A New Airgun Hunting Sport

  Something new from Bug-A-Salt: A spring gun that shoots a small burst of salt with just enough energy to do in the typical housefly. Only $30, too.