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Category Archives: New Guns

The Webley Tempest is Back!

Those bemoaning the disappearance of the real, British-made Webley Tempest- one of the great air pistols of all times- should be as excited as I am to learn that Webley is bringing back the Tempest! Despite the increasing costs of labor and materials, they’re going to be releasing the Webley Tempest Centennial in September. As […]

The Crosman C51 Blowback BB Pistol

Not too long ago, my old pal Sgt. Dave was asking me if I knew of a good CO2 BB pistol with a realistic blowback action. Nothing like that on the market, I said, and so of course Crosman has to go and make me a liar. The C51 was actually announced back in January […]

Crosman Rogue PCP in .357

Crosman has just announced a big bore version of the microcomputer controlled Rogue PCP rifle. The big news is that it’s in .357 or 9mm caliber. This turns the Rogue into a real hunting rifle, with muzzle energies of between 180 and 280 foot-pounds. This may not seem like a lot, but it’s .38 special […]