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Airgun technology- how they work, and the physics behind it.

The HW Barakuda

I first came across this unusual gun in the pages of W.H.B. Smith’s Gas and Spring Air Guns of the World. (I traded my somewhat rare copy away, but I see you can now order a nice reissue from Stackpole books for much less than originals are selling for.)  Getting back to the Barakuda: It’s perhaps the […]

A Reloading Tool for the Crosman Trapmaster 1100

  I recently received this photo of a reloading tool designed for the Crosman Trapmaster 1100 from Toby Koehn, who inherited the tool from his grandfather, who built it. Pretty impressive. I’ve owned two 1100s, and I’ve never seen anything similar. Have any of our readers seen one like it? Toby also notes that his […]

A Modified Beeman C1

Here’s another gun from the back of the cabinet that hasn’t been out in the field in a long time. It’s an original Beeman C1 carbine in .177 that I bought used in the late 1980s from a fellow airgunner who’d done some tuning on it- I think he relubed it and did a little […]

Dieseling in Airguns: The Myth That Refuses to Die.

I caught this today at a web site that also sells airguns: “While RWS spring-piston models do rely on a tiny diesel effect to produce full power, sever (sic) dieseling must be avoided.” Elsewhere in this company’s web site they recommend that “One or two drops every 5,000 to 6,000 rounds, or each 8-12 months, […]