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Airgun technology- how they work, and the physics behind it.

Whiscombe’s Dual Piston System

Spring air guns are rugged, reliable, and simple to maintain, but they do have a disadvantage compared to pneumatic guns- as they get more powerful, they get heavier, and larger.  More powerful guns require larger, heavier springs, and heavier pistons- which means more recoil and higher stresses. Spring strength has to be increased not just […]

Hypervelocity, and Why it’s Bad

The last few years has seen the introduction of as great number of leadfree pellets, either saboted (as in the Skencos), or cast of an aluminum or zinc alloy. While the idea of lead-free pellets is a good one, their light weight makes them a poor choice in most airguns, for a number of reasons. […]

Crosman Fireball Pellets

Crosman Premier pellets are my favorite all-around pellet, as well as the favorite of most airgun field target shooters.  They’re an excellent design, and Premier quality control is second to none- shape and weight variation between pellets is minimal. The .20 caliber Premiers are the best .20 caliber pellet available, period. But not all pellets […]

A not at all cheap Air Pistol

Having featured one of the cheapest airguns on the market in my last post, how about one of the most expensive? Switzerland’s Kueng Airguns specializes in custom replacement parts, tuning, precision machining, low volume, and high quality. Pictured is their prototype Magnum Air Pistol, of which they say: Spring piston design air pistol that delivers […]