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Airgunning for game

When Daisy Went to War

No doubt you’re looking at the Daisy break barrel gun above and thinking that sorta looks like an M-16, doesn’t it? And you’d be exactly correct. In 1967, the US Army adopted a new training program that emphasized instinctive shooting, which was thought to be advantageous in the close-up jungle environments of Southeast Asia. Here’s […]

Caliber choice

These days airgunners have an amazing choice in calibers- the old traditional .177 and .22, .20 caliber (as made famous by Sheriden), .25 (an old favorite resurrected in recent years, 9mm, 45, 50, and even larger. Which is right for you? For target shooters, the question is moot- .177 is the standard, and that’s that. […]

Scopes for Airguns, part II: Optics

Shopping for a scope you’ll encounter a dizzying variety of optical choices- fixed, zoom, low power, 6x, 3-9×30, 8×56- how can you make sense of all this? Start by understanding the numbers and what they mean. The first number- or number- indicate the magnification of a scope. Two numbers seperated by a dash mans that […]

Scopes for Airguns, part I: Construction and Parallax

If you’ve been shooting a while, you’ve probably heard that not all rifle scopes are designed to handle the two-way shock of a spring piston gun. Let’s see why that’s so. If you look at the objective end of a telescope sight- the end that faces the target- you’ll see that the objective lens is […]