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Category Archives: 10 Meter Shooting

Formal target sport

Pellet Traps for indoor practice

If you want to improve your marksmanship you’ve got to practice, and unless you have a dedicated outdoor range with a sand berm, like one friend of mine, you’re going to need a pellet trap. Even if you have an outdoor range, if you live in the Northern half of this country you’ll need a […]

Alfa-Proj PCP Match Air Pistol

    I’ve been looking for a reasonably priced better-quality match air pistol for a while. Used FWB 65s are now going for over $600, and parts are getting harder to find. The Hammerli A20 is almost a thousand bucks, and sized for a junior hand. But Air Arms’ PCP-modified Alfa Proj, at $749, is […]

The Daisy 777 Target Pistol

I’ve written a bit about the 777 and its cheaper cousins, the 747 and 717, but until this one arrived via UPS yesterday I had never actually handled a 777. I found this one at a very good price on ┬áIt arrived, along with a Plano case, a set of airgun-sized silhouettes, and three […]

Feinwerkbau FWB 300

Back in the 1980s there were two revolutionary target rifles that immediately raised the stakes for competitors at the top level. One was the Walther LGR, and the other, the Feinwerkbau 300, and the reason both were so revolutionary was that they were the first high-end recoilless target rifles on the market. Before then, target […]