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Category Archives: Field Target Competition

England’s favorite airgun sport

A Competition Ready TX-200

I’m thinning out the collection, and selling guns that I’m not shooting. Just sold is the Jim Maccari tuned Air Arms TX-200 I shot in competition for two years. This shoots about as well as a spring gun can- with carefully selected pellets, it’ll shoot well under a minute of angle all day long. I […]

Pellet Lubes

If you read airgun catalogs and web sites, you’ll notice that there are a number of lubricants sold that are designed to be used directly on pellets. Do they work, and are they worth it? Yes, and maybe. I used to lubricate pellets for field target matches- after carefully cleaning, sorting and sizing them. After […]

Scopes for Airguns, part II: Optics

Shopping for a scope you’ll encounter a dizzying variety of optical choices- fixed, zoom, low power, 6x, 3-9×30, 8×56- how can you make sense of all this? Start by understanding the numbers and what they mean. The first number- or number- indicate the magnification of a scope. Two numbers seperated by a dash mans that […]

Scopes for Airguns, part I: Construction and Parallax

If you’ve been shooting a while, you’ve probably heard that not all rifle scopes are designed to handle the two-way shock of a spring piston gun. Let’s see why that’s so. If you look at the objective end of a telescope sight- the end that faces the target- you’ll see that the objective lens is […]