The Ampell Acro

Here’s a rare bird- the Ampell Acro, a .177 break barrel CO2 gun that was manufactured briefly in the 1970s. It’s been described as a replica of the Thompson Center Contender pistol, but while there’s a strong resemblance, I don’t think that was necessarily the only inspiration. When I look at the Acro, I see a classic free pistol design from the 19th century of the sort that probably inspired the Contender as well.

More photos and details from a devoted CO2 airgun collector may be found here.

15 thoughts on “The Ampell Acro”

  1. My father was Ed Denniston, President and founder of Ampell. I really got a kick coming across any reference to the old “plink N whiz”. It’s cool to see that there is still some intrest out there !

  2. I’ve come into possession of an Ampell ACRO I Plink n Whiz 80 shot repeater BB pistol. Its gas seal is apparently shot — it doesn’t hold any CO2, even after using a drop of Pellgun oil.

    Any recommendations for an airgunsmith who can replace the seal and do an overall “health check” on this now-treasured toy?

  3. A local gun store that was going out of business was selling these brand new in the box for $15 each not so long ago. I bought 3 or 4 for gifts and still have one. Something tells me I should have bought a lot more. Any value on these?

  4. Re value: I see Pyramid had one for $80. I suspect a collector might pay $60-100, depending on condition, and whether the original box and papers were included. A really mint unit in the box with all the paperwork might go for $120 or more.

  5. I have a “Plink N Whiz” Acro I (.177 cal. pellet pistol for sale. It is is very good condition plus I have the box in fair condition. No papaerwork. Not sure if it holds pressure. Anyone interested?

  6. I would be interested in purchasing if not too expensive. I have one I bought at a garage sale and I spent a good deal of time rebuilding but it does shoot quite hard and accurate when done.

  7. Anyone happen to have a spare grip / co2 cover they would want to turn loose of???

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