My TX200 comes home


Six years ago I sold my TX200 to a friend who had great plans for shooting it regularly at his place up North. This was a custom Jim Maccari tuned gun with a Simmons scope I used in my second year of Field Target competition back in the late 1990s, and it was capable of great accuracy with Crosman Premiers. It was also the gun I shot at Camp Perry when my club was doing the first demonstration FT match held there, and had a lot of memories. ┬áBut I sold it to help pay for a used Air Arms Pro Sport as I didn’t think I needed the TX200 any more.

Good intentions have a way of going astray, and my friend called to say he’d only taken the TX200 out twice in six years, and… was I interested in buying it back? Well, yes, I was. It took us close to six months to finally get together to talk terms, after which he walked away with a wad of cash and a Swift pistol scope, and I walked off with my old TX200.

Other than a little rust on the under lever latch it’s pretty much in the same condition it was when it left my house. My range markings are still on the focusing ring and my elevation table is still glued to the sun shade. It’s still as smooth shooting as it was when I last owned it.

Did I need another air rifle? Hardly. I owned three spring guns, all of them very high quality, and a Crosman Gen2 Marauder in a Boyds stock, none of which I get to shoot very often these days. But it’s a gun with a lot of memories and it’s nice having it back.