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I just came across this Browning Airstar 200 at and thought it would be a good gun to feature, as I’m willing to wager few of my readers have ever seen one. I had a review model in my hands several years ago, and haven’t seen a single example since.

The distinguishing feature of this gun is an electrically driven cocking mechanism. There’s a battery and motor in the stock, and a power switch under the handgrip. Push a button, and the motor drives a threaded rod that cocks the piston.  Wait until the red LED lights up, open a tap, insert your pellet, and you’re ready to shoot. You c an see the US patent here.

The cocking was rather slow, if I recall correctly, and to me, and to most reviewer, the gun was more gimmick that useful advance. But to someone with limited arm strength, this would be a very useful feature.

While it was marketed as a Browning here in the USA, in Europe, it was known as a Rutten.  I imagine that Rutten, a Belgian company like Browning,  was taking advantage of Browning’s US marketing.

They didn’t sell very well, probably as this was a rather expensive gun; I seem to recall it cost in the neighborhood of $800-900 in England, and up to $1200 here, whcih would buy you a very nice pneumatic. Repair was a question, too, with spare parts and service only being available in Belgium!  Still,  great toy for the collector with a taste for different and unusual guns.

8 thoughts on “Browning Airstar 200”

  1. Habe glücklicherweise mit einem Browning Airstar 200 geschossen .Für ein normales Luftgewehr eine sehr gute Schusskleistung
    10 bis 12mm Streukreis auf 10 meter im Schiessbock eingelegt.Es ist keine Matchwaffe sonder ein Elktro -Luftgewehr,
    war überrascht über die sehr gute Schussleistung da kann sich das Rugern Airhawk verstecken,oder ich mache etwas falsch?

  2. Have just bought a Browning Airstar 200,
    With no instructions , am carefully taking
    it apart ( photographing each step) I
    find the battery flat am am puzzled on how
    to remove the black plastic fore end cover,
    can anyone help //

  3. Those Brownings were actually made by Rutten of Belgium. You might find information searching under that name.

  4. I have just bought an Airstar 200
    its battery will take a charge but only cocks the rifle once.
    Therefor I have fitted a RC NiMH
    battery with more amps £12.
    Will test over the weekend fingers crossed. Any one got one for spares for the future.

  5. A good friend and former dealer in Texas has about 20 NIB Browning Airstar 200 rifles in storage. He decided not to sell them after FN bought Browning and production was stopped. I convinced him to let me put one on GunBroker to see what it sells for and then put the others up for sale, as well. GPJ 970-240-0122.

  6. I have just purchased an Airstar that was new in the box. Of course the battery would not hold a charge so I replaced it with a new one that I got from the internet for $ 15 and it works just fine. Does anyone know when these were manufactured and sold in the U.S.? Mine is a Browning.

  7. I have got 4 of them now. Soms people say that there are produced only 800 examples of the Browning Rutten. Can anybody tell me if that is the.

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