Another Exotic Pistol from Kueng Airguns


Not too long ago I featured a prototype of what Kueng promises will be the most powerful spring air pistol on the market. That one has moved beyond prototype and is nearing production, but hasn’t been released to the market yet. What has been released is the Kueng Pistol Eleven, an advanced, single-shot, bulk-fill CO2 piston unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

This is a .22 caliber gun made from steel and aluminum- no plastic here- that develops a full 5 foot-pounds of energy at the muzzle. Styling is very much like the classic Colt .45 auto.

GIven the custom nature of the gun, and the limited production run, you migth well expect that this is not a cheap gun, and you’d be right- but it’s pretty reasonable for what you get. The gun as seen above, with ebony grips, is $420. Shipping to the US is another $25.  More details are available direct from Kueng Airguns.

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