The Diana Model 6


I’ve written before about the RWS/Diana Model 5, which was the first quality air pistol I owned. It’s a fine piece, and unfortunately not made any more, though there are plenty of Chinese copies about. One gun no one seems to have tried to copy is the RWS/Diana model 6, which came in a number of variants. Seen above is the basic 6G model; the 6M had a full barrel shroud and better sights:


The Model 6 used a recoiless system in which two pistons moved in opposite directions. One worked in the usual manner, compressing air and propelling the pellet out of the barrel. The other was a reaction mass, carefully balanced to cancel out the recoil energy from the main piston.  This system worked very well, but Feinwerkbau’s simpler sliding receiver system sold better, and the Model 6 disappeared from the market.

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  1. I have a Diana 6G. It is a very well engineered spring pistol with almost no recoil. I have had it since the early 90’s and has served me well.

    Thank you for your article.

  2. I have a model 6G that has lost power although when cocking the spring seem good any suggestions ?

  3. I also own a Diana Model 6G and have had this air pistol from the mid 1980’s. Superb air pistol! I just had this pistol tuned up at the RWS Warranty Repair Center, 6007 So. 29th Street, Fort Smith AR 72908. Genral cost is about $125.00 and well worth it – fine job, shoots like new. AND, like David, I also am looking for the instructional manual for this pistol. Any ideas on this ? TX

  4. steve and david,
    i too have a model 6 m i bought new 29 years ago November of the year, as i was expecting my first child and could not go to the range
    [ wife was expecting anytime, so i stole away to a local specialty gun store ],,,,wonderful accuracy and power and the lack of spring rebound/recoil is wonderful compared to my other spring guns….
    as david mentioned mine lacks power and i just retrieved it from storage and may send it to the repair center in ft smith, although i have done seal replacement on my other spring guns, and make antique clock parts for clocks i restore, it might be wise since i have no exploded view or manual to try and dissemble this dual action springer….i have to be honest, i have had it apart and realized it is not like any other springer i have worked on, and having read the little i can find on this model, i feel it best to let someone do the work, as i need no more experience in this life time ! ‘Experience is what you get when you did not get what you wanted or were expecting’ i am getting back into air rifles and pistols …get fun, and i enjoy the challenge of competing against my self… sort of a ‘zen’ thing to concentrate and forget all the negative things in a day, if only for a few concentrate shots…
    if i should be so lucky to find my owners manual, i will scan and send you a pdf file or such..send prayers, positive energies for my search, i think i can find it at my office in some old folders i have filed away back in the early ’90’s…the seal is good at the breach, and will launch the pellet if i fire it, re-cock push the pellet out from the breech, then re-chamber the forced formed pellet…i it is my understanding not to lube the piston/s
    i can be reached
    happy holidays

    lake texoma, texas side, usa

  5. Happy new year u all.
    I got a diana mod 5 g6 made in west germany.
    Any idia what collector value is?
    I asume it’s a pre ww2 assembly, it even has a scope. Not sure if it came that way or was added later.
    Happy marksmenship and newyear u all

  6. Sam: If it says “West Germany” or “FRG” or W. Germany” it’s post-WWII, of course. After WWII, the British seized all the Diana machinery as reparations, and Dianawerk had to make new tooling. The British-made Dianas were made with the old, worn, tooling, and the new German guns were better in every respect.

  7. Mje thanks for the info, but as I understood it after WWII the equipment was purchased by the Brits and manufacturing started in GB.
    I also have a Diana made 6 60 as indicated on the butt and is stamped made in great Briton.
    So we have diffrence of 15 yrs min.
    I had made a mistake it is writen under the image of Diana is the name Diana mod .5 below that it’s just G. There is a serial #. starting with 668—.
    I must say that I heard that after WWII the tooling was sold and sent to GB.
    You said the old tooling was worn and no good,u tell me the west G mod is better? I was told the trade mark was bought back.
    Can anyone confirm or dismiss this info!
    Does anyone know of the collector value ?
    Thank you all for any and all your information.
    Best wishes and a happy New year to u all.

  8. Does anyone know where I can buy a Diana model 6 in good condition? I owned one over 35 years ago and would love to shoot this superb pistol again. Using a rest I could put 5 shots all in the centre heart in an ace of hearts playing card at 20 feet. Would like to try it again. Thanks

  9. Hi, for any interested I have a RWS 6G, mint in box, rare find, New condition, only shot briefly a few times to test… new seals, all accessories (scope rail, sight inserts…) and literature. I will list it soon on American Airguns Classifieds if not sold first. Shoots hard and amazing recoilless accuracy. Im an ebay 100% rated seller (voltron_and_robots_collector). You can check me out on there or email me at: fir more details and pics.

  10. I have Model 6M that shoots high at 15 yards. I have the rear sight as low as it can go but it still shoots about 3-4 inches too high. Has anyone sen this before? Is there a way to correct the problem?


  11. Hello,
    I am new to the world of air pistols and something told me that $100 seemed like a good deal for the 6M at a local gun shop. It has some minor rust here and there but otherwise looks perfect. I too would love to see a manual on this. Any thoughts on my approach to firing this not knowing its history? I did buy some RWS oil as suggested by the salesman. Any info would be great! Thanks in advance.

  12. That sounds like a very good deal. If it cocks and shoots smoothly, I’d leave it alone and not add any lubricant. If it does need work, take it to a good airgun repair shop. The 6M is rather complicated inside and you don’t want to just squirt a bunch of silicone oil in.


  14. I just picked up a beautiful looking target air pistol. It is labeled “Original” Mod. 5 Made in Germany for Beeman’s precision air guns. It looks brand new with box but no papers. I would like to know more about this pistol, approximate value, and whether I should shoot it or save it as a collector’s piece.

    Any information is appreciated.


  15. It’s a shootable semi-collectible, made by Diana. Value, between $75 and $150 depending on the market. What makes it collectible is the markings- only a few hundred Diana 5s were marked that way, according to Beeman.

    But there’s a big difference between collectible and valuable. Shooting it won’t reduce the value, so shoot it and enjoy it. My first good pellet pistol was a Diana/RWS Model 5, and I had a lot of fun with it.

  16. I bought my DIANA MOD.6 serial #029078 in Germany in 1969. It has the German patent # on it. Brought it back in my carry on luggage (and to think this was possible at one time). It was an item listed in Playboy mag. as a toy for all men that year. So I just had to have one.LOL
    It came with 3 different sites that can be changed. Love the pistol but have never been impressed with the velocity. Strictly a target shooter.

  17. I recently tried to shoot two air pistols that were affected by moisture here in Hawaii. The FWB 80 was able to shoot and after multiple shots is like new. My Beeman 800 was a mystery. Would not kock, nor shoot, had some corrosion, could not find any manuals on line. No wonder. After seeing your article I realized its a Diana 6. Any advice?

  18. I just found one of those diana , but the security is on , How can i get it off ?!

  19. I own a Diana 6G pistole that needs repair.
    I live in the Netherlands (near Utrecht) and
    would like to know who I may contact?

  20. I own a RWS Model 6G and i’m looking for the internal seals. Do you have any idea where I can find those?

  21. I was given a Diana Mod. 5 DRP air pistol in 1950. It still shoots great but I need a rear sight. It has great story behind it that I’ll not bore you with now. Can anyone tell me what I’ve got.

  22. I have a good shooting Diana MOD.5
    Can someone tell me where I can get information on it?

  23. Looking for a palm rest for RWS model 6. Does anyone know where i can increase my chances of finding one?

  24. I have a hardly fired RWS 6M dated 1984 in original box. I bought it new in the 80′ now it has no power at all, all the pallet stuck in the barrel. Hate to throw it away and looking for a repair facility.

  25. I just inhearted a M6 from my father I don`t know anthying about it .Looks like new not a scratch on it. I would like it if someone out there could email me the instrouctions manual or a place where I could locate one.

  26. On Friday, December 28, 2012 at 2:09 pm,
    WILLIE wrote:
    i do have a manual on the Diana 6

    Do we have contact info on Willie? Can we get a copy of the Diana Mod 6 manual?

    thanks, Richard

  27. i hav a diana mod 6 g and it,s a wonderful gun but i want a rifle who want to buy it i sell it for 150 euro.leave msge at mi email adress.thank you i am from Romania

  28. i have an rws 6 with scope & barrel extension [for grip, i suppose]. it is made in west germany & the manual says “never oil as this model has a new type of seal”.it is approximately 30 yrs old.
    my son dropped it & busted the scope so i’m
    ed c

  29. If you’re looking for a good pistol scope, I like the Swift scopes. They’re not as widely known as other brands, but they deliver excellent quality at a very reasonable price. I recently bought one and mounted it on a .357 Ruger Blackhawk, where it stands up to full loads with no difficulty. SHould be fine on a spring gun.

  30. Hi there ice just purchased an original mod 6g in its box with the paperwork and a separate set of grips, the pistol is clean just a couple small chips to the paintwork. Oh the grips are plastic by the way. My question is this is it worth having the seals looking at or just sell it as it is, many thanks les

  31. Have a 6M in the box….needs seals, etc. but in good condition. No manual though. Does anyone have a manual for the 6M that could be shared or a valid link to one? thanks for any help you can give me.

  32. hy stil no one who want a pistol that is impecabile its almoust new,i want a riffle cal177 to exchange with or 120e,its a very rare ocasion because the pistol looks like new,whois interest leave mesage on my mail y will answer prompt.thank you and excuse my writting im from romania

  33. So . . . does anyone have the manual/instructions for Dianna 6G? Haven’t used ours for YEARS and like some of the other comments, shot 2 or 3 pellets and now it will not shot. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

  34. I have a Diana G6 and do have the manual. I’ll be happy to scan it in and email to folks who need one.

    I’m having a problem with mine however, that I think is the same as Jack’s (post #23). It fires as soon as I pull the barrel back into place. Does anyone have any idea what the provlem might be?

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