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Winchester Air Rifles

winchester-1000bWinchester has never actually made air rifles- but some of the first quality German air rifles imported into this country after WWII had the Winchester name stamped on them. Now we’re seeing the Winchester name again, this time on less expensive guns like this scoped Winchester Air Rifle available at for only $139.40. Like a lot of air rifles coming out these days it brags of 1000fps performance- which is a pity, for reasons I’ve discussed earlier.

At that price you can be pretty sure it’s not German; there’s a good chance it’s Spanish. The gun is actually distributed by Daisy, who say that “Winchester is a registered trademark used under license by Daisy”, and in fact the model number- 1000B- is the same as a discontinued model sold as a Daisy. I’d say it’s probably a safe purchase, as Daisy has a good reputation for selling good merchandise and good after-sale support. With included scope and synthetic stock it should make a good  basic hunting rifle- though I’d ignore that nonsense about “1000fps” and use heavier pellets, which will give you far better accuracy. Just don’t expect something that looks like a Winchester Model 70.