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Hy-Score 814 Pistol

Looking through my past postings, I was surprised to find that I’d never featured my Hy-Score 814 pistol. If you’re familiar with the English-made GAT pistol and rifle, this should look very familiar, as it uses the same sort of push-barrel design. To load, you push the barrel backwards, until it locks. This b rings the loading port into view at the rear:

The knob at the rear- which part of a long needle-like object- is unscrewed, a pellet inserted, and pushed forward and sealed into the barrel. When the trigger is pulled, the barrel jumps forward, compressing the air between the barrel and the receiver tube, which is routed into the barrel, where it propels the pellet forward at perhaps 300-350fps.

Hy-Score imported these from Germany in order to round out their line of US-made pellet pistols with an inexpensive “entry level” gun.  They’re very well made for an inexpensive pellet gun, with highly polished, blued surfaces. While they may not be too exciting to shoot, they’re great collectibles.