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A Competition Ready TX-200

I’m thinning out the collection, and selling guns that I’m not shooting. Just sold is the Jim Maccari tuned Air Arms TX-200 I shot in competition for two years. This shoots about as well as a spring gun can- with carefully selected pellets, it’ll shoot well under a minute of angle all day long. I used cleaned, sized, and relubed Crosman Premier 7.9gr pellets in competition- cleaning helps get rid of the bits of lead flashing you sometimes find on pellets. For a while I also weighed pellets, but I fond the Crosmans FTs were so close it wasn’t worth it.

The TX-200 is still the gold standard for spring-powered FT guns. Add a decent 4-12x or better scope and you can start being competitive in local Field Target matches. Right out of the box it’s a great performer, and  you can add custom stocks and have tunes done to make a good gun even better. (This gun was subsequently sold to a neighbor who’s developed a recent interest in airguns in general, and Field Target in particular.  This should get him off to a good start.)

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