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A Modified Beeman C1

Here’s another gun from the back of the cabinet that hasn’t been out in the field in a long time. It’s an original Beeman C1 carbine in .177 that I bought used in the late 1980s from a fellow airgunner who’d done some tuning on it- I think he relubed it and did a little trigger tuning. It also had a pellet reservoir mortised into the stock- a handy feature for hunters:

But the most unusual modification on this gun is one that was done after I acquired it. I was writing for US Airguns magazine around 1988-89, and I was contacted by gunsmith Kevin Knight of High Performance Gunsmithing, in Hamilton, Montana, who’d read some of my articles. He was in the business of making custom muzzle brakes for firearms, and wondered if there’d be interest in the airgun community for these brakes. Was I interested in having a gun modified for test?

Well, sure. I mailed him the barrel from my C1, and when he returned it, the end of the barrel had been turned down and threaded, and a matching muzzle brake had been fabricated that looked like an extension of the barrel:

Subsequent testing showed that the brake did, in fact, result in a small but statistically significant improvement in the accuracy of the C1- though at $200, it was a lot more expensive than any of the functional muzzle brakes available from Vortek and others at the time. I wrote¬† up the article, US Airgun ran it, and whether anyone else had their airgun done, I don’t know.

Regardless, it’s a neat custom touch to the gun, and I think a lot sharper looking that the typical Beeman non-functional “muzzle brake” often found on these guns. And since it hadn’t been fired much in the last decade, I decided it was time to sell it, and buy another interesting gun to write about, so off it went. Maybe I’ll around get to restoring the other C1 that’s sitting in the back of the safe.