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I was pleasantly surprised to find this classic airgun in a toy store last Wednesday- and in Ann Arbor, of all places. (Michigan residents will understand.)  Even better, this is the original, cast metal design- not the plastic ones that seemed to replace them in recent years. This gun has a real heft to it, and the sense that you’re connecting to the past.

Operation is simple: Stick the muzzle into a potato, twist, and break off the little cylinder that’s stuck in the muzzle. Give the trigger a sharp pull, and the barrel retracts, compressing the air contained within it and forcing the piece of potato out with a sharp “pop.” For added excitement, you can cock the hammer and insert a paper cap. On firing, the hammer will strike the cap, adding to the realistic potato gun experience.

I’ll be posting test targets and velocity/muzzle energy figures later, once I figure out how to get the potato projectiles to fly straight over my chronograph. In the meantime, if your local airgun supplier doesn’t carry these, you can find them at Amazon here and here.. They also have the plastic potato guns, which actually work better, but just don’t have the same charm.