Project C-1: Part I

Twenty years ago I sold a Beeman C-1 to a friend, who used it for many years. A few years back he had it stored in one of those U-rent places where a flash flood soaked it through (along with half of his posessions). I re-aquired the gun in a trade for some other shooting gear a few months ago, and put it aside for a restoration project. Last week I pulled it out to take a close look. surface rustAs you can see, there’s a lot of surface rust; When I first unpacked the gun, I immediately coated the metal parts with a good polarized gun oil (Birchwood Casey Sheath) to prevent further rust. The compression chamber looked good, probably because it’s coated with silicone oil that prevented any water from attacking the metal. The bore looks clean, too, which is good, as you really want to avoid the excessive wear on the airgun bore that would come from from scrubbing out rust.

The wood was damaged, too, and it looks like it’s have to be completely stripped and redone. I may take advantage of this to do a nice stain (the actual wood color is a very light Beechwood) and maybe even a real London oil finish. The buttpad will have to come off, along with that sling swivel, before I can get to that. The existing finish is a polyurethane, which makes for a rugged finish but is difficult to strip cleanly. I may use heat to peel that off .

buttThere’s one other detail that needs looking after, and this one is my fault. My friend disassembled the gun for shipping, and carefully wrapped the trigger guard and screws seperately to protect them. I didn’t notice at the time, so those parts probably left the house as part of the bubble wrape surrounding some other package. I might take advantage of that bit of brain fade to make a nice brass trgger guard to replace the original stamped steel one.

Over the next few months I’ll be doing bit of this project and resporting on them here from time to time. But right now, there’s a faucet in the kitchen that needs attention…

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