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The Webley Tempest is Back!

Those bemoaning the disappearance of the real, British-made Webley Tempest- one of the great air pistols of all times- should be as excited as I am to learn that Webley is bringing back the Tempest! Despite the increasing costs of labor and materials, they’re going to be releasing the Webley Tempest Centennial in September.

As befits the name, the new Centennial model comes in a fitted wooden case intended to evoke images of classic British double guns and other fine arms. The price- $299- will no doubt evoke similar images. (I see that Pyramid is already listing it for pre-order at $289.95.) But with used Tempests in fine condition regularly selling for over $200, it’s not unreasonable. I have my Tempest, so I’m not ordering another one. But if they were to offer it in .22 as well as .177, I just might.