The Marksman 1010 Pistol

marksman 1010

The Marksman MPR (now sold as the model 1010) has been around forever, or so itr seems. While not a very powerful gun, and sporting only a 1″ barrel, the MPR does boast the heft and solid metal construction of a real firearm, and a cocking system that involves pulling back the slide- just like a real .45- well, a lot like a real .45. When I was a kid, I used to enjoy shooting one that belonged to friend of mine who lived in a rural neighborhoood. You could shoot this thing with abandon without worrying about hurting someone more than a few dozen yards from you.

The tiny barrrel is a smoothbore, designed to fire BBs, pellets, or darts. After cocking, a short section of the receiver containing the barrel is tilted forward, allowing the user to insert a dozen BBs in a resevoir above the barrel. Tilting further exposes the rear of the barrel, allowing a single pellet or dart to be inserted. At least, that was the way the original guns were designed. Some later models, for whatever reason, had a detent that prevented the barrel from tilting far enough to load single darts or pellets; I have two examples of this popular gun, one of which had the detent, which I easily removed with a file. Current models have restored the ability to fire alll three kinds of projectiles.

The MPR/1010 is one of the lower powered guns out there, with a fairly bloopy trajectory beyond 15 feet. Accuracy with pellets isn’t any better than with BBs. But it’s a fun gun, and one of the most fun things you can do with it is to get a dart board and a few packs of darts, and play good old fashioned English darts. If you do decide to try this, get the Marksman 1030 kit which includes both darts and the Marksman dart board. Ordinary dart boards may be too hard to allow the Marksman darts to penetrate, whcih gives you an idea of just how weak this gun is.

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  1. I have one of these. Found it at a garage sale in Nashville, TN in 2003 & it still shoots. Just bought a package of .177 darts to see if they will work. Will have to make an insertion tool as the darts don’t come with one & I never had the tool or the BB loader.

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