The RWS 5G

rws5gThe RWS5g was the first real quality air pistol I owned. It was originally the base model of a trio of pistols that go up in accuracy and features, including the accurized, wooden grip 6G, and culminating with the dual-piston, recoilless 6M. (The 6G and 6M don’t seem to be available anymore; few recoilless spring-piston target air pistols are to be found anywhere these days, the sole exception being the Chinese made copy of the superb Feinwerkbau 65 pistol that ruled competition before pneumatics took over. ) I liked the 5G for its power and accuracy, but didn’t like the barrel-heavy balance, and eventually sold it, and replaced it with the lower-power, less accurate, Webley Tempest.

The 5G is known today as the P5, and sells for close to $200. rwsp5While recoiling spring guns are obsolete for even the lowest level target shooting- you can get a fine recoiless single-stroke pneumatic for what the P5 costs- it’s still a fine plinker. But it’s still a bit awkward to use and to carry in the field. But the clever lads at RWS have come up with their own version of the Webley Tempest. It’s called the 9B, and uses the same folded barrel-over-chamber design as the venerable Webley. It does give up some velocity compared to the P5, but the compact size and better balance make it a superior plinker.

3 thoughts on “The RWS 5G”

  1. if you are using a 5g as a targeting pistol, you have missed the boat! It was created as a plinker with enough power for pest control. they are essentially small break barrel rifles, and as such require a very light hold. But they will group under 1 inch at 25 meters once you master the hold required to tame its recoil. It is a decent short range bird gun as and great at hitting can sized targets at ranges that most other pistols (except the P1, or a overly pumped 1377) can’t approach unless the pellet is lobed at it. As far as springs guns go, do not forget the all time favorite plinker HW70, which is essentially a scaled down version of the same idea, and capable of 12mm groups at 10 meters with open sights. I appreciate the smoothness and accuracy potential of recoiless and pneumatic pistols, but to say the 5G is obsolete is unfair, as it still an absolute hoot to shoot with.

  2. The 9B is actually the Cometa ‘Indian’, a Spanish pistol. Its an interesting variaiton on the overbarrel design, I like its massy feel which encourages (for me) shooting stability.

    Great site by the way!

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