Good News for Michigan Airgunners

A few days ago- May 13th, 2015- Governor Rick Snyder signed into law a bill that removes airguns form being classified as firearms. That means that no longer will airliners have to go through the complex pistol buying process, they won’t run the risk of accidentally committing a felony while transporting an air pistol, and they’ll be able to buy mail order more easily. It might even make prices a bit more competitive.

I’ve been tempted to order one of Crosman’s customized 2240 variants but their policy has been not to ship to Michigan, even if you shipped them a properly filled out purchase permit or RI-061 form. I sent the an email yesterday, advising them of the change, and received this nice reply:

Yes, our legal department is aware of the recent changes regarding airguns in Michigan. However, our shipping policy will probably not change until the beginning of next month or possibly not until the beginning of the next fiscal year which starts July 1st.

So a custom 2240 may yet be in my future.