Reinventing the wheel

Recently I came across a web site for something called the “primegun”. This is nothing more than a gun that uses the power from a standard firearm primer to propel a pellet. The authors write:

” Using our “Patent Pending” method and apparatus of placing a primer behind a pellet or BB. The “Prime Gun” has eliminated most conventional air gun problems.

Finally a fast, powerful, lightweight, easy to use firearm alternative. The “Prime Gun” is economical to buy and shoot. The bang is an extra thrill at no extra charge!

It’s not an Air Gun. It’s not a Firearm.

Of course regular readers will realize that what these “inventors” have built is nothing more than the traditional Zimmerstuzen, a gun designed for indoor use that derives its motive power from a percussion cap (originally) or other priming charge. The traditional BB Cap cartridge- a .22 caliber case containing only a primer charge and a round ball- is the modern (well, 19th Century) equivalent. In other words, yes, it is indeed a firearm. It’s not a modern cartridge firing gun, but it is a firearm nonetheless. Federal laws would treat it the same as a muzzleloader, but some state laws would treat it like a modern cartridge gun.

2 thoughts on “Reinventing the wheel”

  1. They are also called Flobert guns, I think. In many countries they require a special license, similar to “real” firearm license…

  2. The name “Flobert” comes from the Flobert cartridge, which was the first .22 caliber rimfire cartridge, patented around 1850. The name was applied to all rifles that used BB Cap or CB Cap cartridges, up until around 1920. These were popular as “Boy’s” rifles, having the power of an airgun, and being suitible for harvesting small game at close range.

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