The RWS 46 Stutzen

In an era where so many new air rifles are either military replicas, ultra-high power, or gimmicky in some way, it’s great to see RWS introducing a very classical design- the new RWS 46 Stutzen. The gun itself is the same model 46 that’s been around for some time; what’s new is the gorgeous Mannlicher-style stock that captures the look of so many great hunting rifles of the early to mid 20th Century. Sure, the checking is pressed rather than hand cut, and the wood is stained beech rather than walnut, but this is a $600 retail gun, not a $4,000 custom piece, and I think what you get for the money is a very good value.

It’s not perfect- at least, according to my preferences. As a high-powered hunting gun I’d rather see it in .22 or .20 caliber, and the rear sight is superfluous on a gun that needs a scope to show its real capabilities. Still, the folding rear leaf does conjure up images of some African big game hunter’s handy .458 Winchester, so I guess I’ll allow it on those grounds. And .177 isn’t a bad hunting caliber with heavier pellets.

If you’re looking for a nice field gun with good accuracy and good power that doesn’t skimp on visual appeal, I think you’d be happy with this guns

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