Robert Law and Air Rifle Headquarters (Part 2)

I first wrote about Robert Law and ARH back in 2007, but finding these old ARH products while cleaning out the basement brought back more memories of the man who really brought airguns to the American market.

Most air gunners today aren’t aware of Robert Law, the man who really introduced modern high quality European airguns to the American market. We had Daisy, of course, and Crosman, Sheridan, Benjamin, and a number of other domestic makers, but their guns were looked on largely as toys by most gun hobbyist. But in Europe, respected makers of high-quality firearms like Hermann Weirauch, Walther, Feinwerkbau, Diana, and others were making precision spring-air powered guns that cost as much as firearms- some of them as accurate as the finest target forearms.

Bob Law not only imported and sold these guns, he produced catalogs that were also manuals of how to tune and improve these guns for better performance and sold a variety of high-tech lubricants that could be used in these tunes. Building on the work of Ladd Fanta, he taught air gunners how to replace combustible petroleum based solvents with modern synthetics:


He also marketed a variety of H&N and other pellets under the ARH brand:



Air Rifle Headquarters was never a huge business, and when Robert Beeman entered the market he took advantage of the knowledge that Law had accumulated as well as the market Law had developed, and was able to grow his business to the point where he became the sole Importer of many of the guns Law was selling. Law decided to leave the business and devote us time to the ministry.

Beeman did do a lot to popularize quality airguns in this country, and even introduced some novel ideas, like putting European guns in quality American-styled walnut stocks instead of the utilitarian looking beech stocks that most came in. But we should remember that without Robert Law and the original Air Rifle Headquarters, there probably never would have been a Beeman.