Bipods for Air Guns



It occurred to me that adding a bipod to my night vision equipped Crosman Marauder would definitely improve its abilities as a night time vermin hunter, as well as being a lot handier than hauling out my bench rest.

The US Military uses Harris Bipods, I’m told, and a 6-9″ Harris can be had for $64 for the basic version and $95 for the swiveling version, which allows the gun to rotate a few degrees around the bore axis in order to compensate for uneven ground. I don’t plan on carrying my Marauder into combat so I settled on the cheaper $37 (for the swiveling version) clone from Caldwell, which is almost as good and costs a third as much. (I’ve since read that some special forces units use Atlas bipods, which are a lot more expensive).

Installation is dead easy- there are two prongs that engage a strap swivel, and a screw that is tightened to secure the bipod That’s it.


It looks kind of crude, but the Harris uses an identical means of attachment.

So how does it work? So far, in my limited testing, very well. Easy to deploy, and it makes a very stable platform to shoot from. I may just add one to one of my bull barrel .22s.

One note: Bipods work great on PCP and CO2 air rifles, but not so well on spring guns, which do not shoot accurately off a rigid support.