Accuracy in Spring Airguns

Getting maximum accuracy from spring airguns requires attention to two areas: The gun itself, and your shooting position. Let’s address the gun first.

Assuming you have a new spring air rifle, the first thing you should do is insure that all the screws are tight- with one exception that we’ll get to in a minute. In a break barrel gun there will be a pivot screw that should be snugged up, and perhaps treated with a drop of purple (low strength) Loctite. The screws that fasten the stock to the action should be snugged up as well, with the exception of the front screw on the trigger guard of HW rifles- which includes a number of Beeman-labeled guns, like the R10, R11, R8, R7, etc. Over-tightening this screw will prevent the gun from firing.

Assuming that your gun is now snugged up, with no loose bits, and you’re standing in front of your pellet trap or target backstop, the next step is to cock it and insert a pellet in the breech. For maximum accuracy, pellets should be seated just flush with the rear of the breech. If you bought one of those Beeman pellet seating tools designed to push the pellet further into the breech- don’t do it. The pellet should be as close to the transfer port as possible for maximum power and accuracy, as many tests have verified.
Now you’re ready to fire. But first, look at how you’re holding the gun. For maximum accuracy, spring guns should be supported as lightly as possible. Rest the forearm of the rifle on your palm or arm, and don’t pull the butt end back to your shoulder, as you might do with a high-power rifle. Just let it lie there.

Now close your eyes, find a stable, comfortable shooting position, and open your eyes. If the sights or the scope are pointed at the target, great. If not, don’t move the rifle around to aim- move your body. It’s important to be able to shoot from a relaxed position. More on this in later articles.

Okay. On target? Relaxed position? Listen to your heart beat. Every time it does, the crosshairs might jump a tiny bit. You want to shoot between the bumps. Place the pad at the tip of your index finger on the trigger. If it’s a two-stage trigger, take up the slack. Now slowlyly increase pressure on the trigger, until… pop. Bullseye.

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