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I’ve written before about the RWS/Diana Model 5, which was the first quality air pistol I owned. It’s a fine piece, and unfortunately not made any more, though there are plenty of Chinese copies about. One gun no one seems to have tried to copy is the RWS/Diana model 6, which came in a number of variants. Seen above is the basic 6G model; the 6M had a full barrel shroud and better sights:


The Model 6 used a recoiless system in which two pistons moved in opposite directions. One worked in the usual manner, compressing air and propelling the pellet out of the barrel. The other was a reaction mass, carefully balanced to cancel out the recoil energy from the main piston.  This system worked very well, but Feinwerkbau’s simpler sliding receiver system sold better, and the Model 6 disappeared from the market.

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  1. my wooden grip for a model 5 has several cracks. I’m looking for a replacement grip, can anyone help me

  2. I own the 6 m model. Have had it since the 80’s Now it seems to have the bullets lodging inside, when I take them out it looks like dirt on them. Anyone know how to clean the air pistol?

  3. sono innamorato della mod. 10 rws 819 aria compressa.Sapreste indicarmi dove poterla trovare?

  4. The gun hasn’t been made since the 1980s. You’ll have to keep looking in stores, yard sales, and airgun sales web pages. I just saw one sell on for only $150! I’d love to have one, or perhaps a Feinwerkbau 65 or 80.

  5. I presently am in possession of a VERY well maintained Diana 6M with match grip(RH only) purchased in 1980’s, with factory box, no manual. The pistol was serviced by Umarex & the only thing needing replacement was main & breech seals, no springs or piston, wear parts only. Included with pistol would be its favorite fodder, RWS Meistergeln special match(75 left) & 2nd choice, Beeman H&N Ultra Match #3014(447 left). Serious inquires only. Thanks.

  6. As to Debbie’s question, cleaning the pistol is easy. Always clean as the pellet would travel, from the breech out & use a VERY fine and SOFT bronze brush as the fine grooves in the rifling are delicate and can be scratched by over-zealous cleaning. Maintenance is much easier than powder firearms as there is no fouling per se & debris should only consist of lead particulate. Any other material present may be pieces of worn seal(a trip to the service shop).

  7. I would recommend against using anything other than a plain cloth patch for cleaning airgun barrels. There’s no carbon buildup or copper or anything else requiring a brush.

  8. I was given an RWS Model 6m that looks like it’s in pretty good condition. I cannot figure out how to cock it. A saw a video on youtube where it looked pretty straight forward but I can’t get it to work. Anybody know if there is some trick to cocking it?

  9. Hi Jerry, Are you pulling the barrel shroud forward and rotating it 180 degrees then cocking? If you don’t rotate the barrel shroud it will strike the frame before allowing the barrel to travel back far enough the latch. If you are rotating it, then the trigger may be too far out of adjustment(too light) to engage the sear. Hope this helps.


  10. recently purchased a RWS Diana model 6. No luck getting it to send a pellet downrange. Guessing it may need a rebuild, any suggestions on where I should send it?


  11. try, Airgunwerks 931-933-5861
    9am to 5pm CST
    Address: 13264 Minor Hill Hwy
    Minor Hill, TN 38473
    rebuilt mine in 2016, not cheap but thorough.

  12. I have a model RWS Diana 6G which I would like to have seals repaired & replaced. Who would you most highly recomended to do this task?

  13. I have owned a RWS Model 6g for quite a long time. Just recently sent it to Umarex USA, for repair. The performed what they called a rebuild for $125 which included return shipping. Seals only may be less. Service was great, the turn around was about 3 weeks. The gun shoots perfectly. I recommend their service.
    Umarex USA, Inc.
    7700 Chad Colley Blvde
    Fort Smith, AR 72916
    ph: 479-646-4210

  14. I own a Diana airgun Model 6M.
    An engineering firm has now stripped my gun to update my gun with a stronger spring. Unfortunately, they cannot assemble it again. Can you help?

  15. looking to sell my Air gunner model 6
    contact me VIA my email ” EXECELLENT condition – will send photos

  16. Just recently acquired a model 6 in excellent condition. It has a large muzzle weight and set up for an optic only.
    I am guessing it is a 6GS but I an unsure..

  17. I have a Diana model 6, which my grandson like to practise. But the rear sight (plastic) broke into pieces . Does any of you know where I might find spareparts. Rear sight and the hight ajustment screw (left gauge) would be nice spareparts to obtain.

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