The Tyrek PPA-K-01 BB Machine Gun

Here’s a rare bird that was recently seen for sale last August on The Yellow Forum. If you think it looks a lot like a real submachine gun, there’s a good reason for that. Like the famous Russian-made Makarov BB pistol, the Tyrek is manufactured on a modified receiver of a real gun- the Kedr PP-91 (9 x 18 mm Makarov) submachine gun used by Russian security forces. And like the earlier Makarov BB gun, that pretty much guarantees you won’t ever see this gun officially imported into this country- which is not to say that some samples didn’t find their way in. This one sold for $395, and given the quality and the rarity, I suspect the seller could have gotten significantly more. He noted that he had obtained just 9 units, and that the gun sells for around $500 in Europe.

Unlike the Drozd and similar guns, the Tyrek doesn’t use batteries or an electric motor. It’s a real blowback action, powered entirely by CO2. I’m generally not a fan of BB machine guns, but for a gun of this solidity and high quality, I’d make an exception. For more detailed info on the PPA-K-01, check out this collector’s web page:

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