Crosman Trapmaster 1100

The Crosman Trapmaster 1100 One of the more interesting guns from the venerable firm of Crosman was their Trapmaster 1100 shotgun. Powered by a pair of 12 gram CO2 cartridges and firing a reloadable .38 caliber plastic shotshell filled with #8 shot, the Trapmaster wasn’t a huge commercial success, being made only from 1968 through 1971. It was sold not as a hunting gun, but as part of suburban trapshooting set, using a hand thrower and two-part, snap-together plastic “pigeons.”

Of course since it was made, airgunsmiths have found it to be an excellent platform for customization. 1100s have been converted to bulk fill and re-valved to increase power. Changing the valve spring or making a new, lighter, valve would increase opening time and the the volume of gas released. The guns can also, with no conversion, fire a .375″ lead ball over a couple of wads. One owner, writing in (I think) the now-defunct Airgun News, claimed 100 ft-lbs of muzzle energy for his conversion. A more realistic power level of 42 ft-lbs (465fps with an 80gr ball) is claimed at this web site. Whatever the capabilities, the 1000 was one of the best made, best looking guns Crosman ever produced, with a solid heft that put you in mind of a medium caliber firearm.

I owned two at various times, back when you could buy one for $70-80. These days a good example can command as much as $300, and a complete set with trap, shells, and reloading kit can go as high as $500.


David Bartle very helpfully added these shell dimensions in the comments. I thought enough people would find them useful that I’ve copied them here.

Crossman Trapmaster 1100 shell dimensions:
Small outside diameter: 0.435 at top
Small outside diameter: 0.440 at bottom
Large outside diameter: 0.622 (flange)
Small diameter length: 0.682
Large diameter length: 0.930 (flange)
Inside shell diameter small end: 0.368
Inside of rear wad inserted in diameter: 0.354
Inside depth of wad from flange: 0.254
outside depth of wad from flange: 0.142
Length overall: 0.780
Measured from unused shell.

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  1. I have had my 1100 for 5 years .
    Where can I get a seal kit and shot shells for my shotgun?

  2. I just came across your airgun blog. I am incredibly impressed with the quantity and quality of information here. I am conducting research on a particular part of airgun history, and I am hoping you might be of some assistance to me. Could you please contact me at the email above? Thanks, and again… well done!

  3. I bought mine new in 1970 with all the accessories. I still have the plastic clays and the box but lost the other stuff. It also came with a hunting jacket with shell holders. My gun still works fine. I bought a bunch of shells and wads from a man along with a reloading tool about 15 years ago.

  4. I recently purchassed a group of guns which had two Trap Master 1100 in them. They both leak pressure. Can you inform me if they are sellable as is and if so what they would be worth. Secondly, could you inform me if anyone carries a seal kit for the guns. If I’m going to repait them I want to do it correctly. Thanks

  5. Crosman 1100s seem to go for 125-150, depending on condition. More if they’ve been converted to bulk CO2 fill.

    As for repair information- try Lutter Crosman Repair in Indiana. 291-485-8319.

  6. i got my 1100 trapmaster 3 years ago and know nothing about it,what type of co2 cartridge, where to get, shells and or wads,shot gun manual and any other help. dont know if this gun even fires but in really good condition.dont know anything other than the barrel slides towards the stock, thats all i can figure out at this point. can you help or do you sell anything that im looking for.thanks jack

  7. It takes two 12 gram CO2 Powerlets- the kind Crosman still sells. The first one goes in nozzle first, the second goes in the other way around. For shells you’ll have to hunt around on eBay and airgun sites.

  8. I have been making the shells for the 1100 for 18 years. Same as the original except they are clear plastic.

  9. Please inform me where I can get a seal kit and installation directions for my Trap Master 1100.
    Thank you,

  10. I have a trapmaster1100 never been fired would like to get some shells where can i get some.

  11. I saw your post on making shotshells for a trapmaster 1100. Can I buy some?

  12. I have a Crosman 1100 Shotgun and Model 50 Trap kit, with shells, targets, and CO2 Powerlets, that were sold as a two piece Model 80 Set. They’re both new in the box, including the original shipping boxes and all manuals, removed only for pictures recently. I tried to list the set on eBay which pulled them because they don’t meet the “airgun” standard. Where would I best sell the set? Thanks very much!!

  13. Kim Cooper:

    I might be interested in your Crosman 1100 and trap kit, particularly the trap kit.
    Call Mike at 425-453-4455.

  14. I have wanted one sine I fist learned of them about 12 years ago , finally got one this past December in fine condition holds air and fires great . Found a second one for my father who also got the reloading kit with his . His leaks however I’m currently resealing it for him not real hard mostly commen o-rings the exhaust valve may need replacement there was some corrosion on the brass seat . Not sure if I can buy just the plunger ??

  15. I have two of these but forgot how to load them. Can anyone tell me? I can open the breach but how do you close it once you put in the shell?

  16. Did you make the shells in the picture? If so, how could I make shells similar to it?

  17. No, those are commercial shells. If you Google “Crosman 1100 shells” you’ll find all the information you need on suppliers.

  18. Thank you for your fast response! Do you have a web adress, there are many sites with information, auctions, and videos?

  19. Oh. Well thank you so so much for your information. I got one of these guns yesterday from a family friend and am so afraid that I will run out of shells. I fill the shells myself often but the shells crack if I use lead.

  20. I have a cool reloading tool for the 1100 trapmaster that my grandpa designed and built in 1974. It has a turrett that holds 25 shells. upper and lower wads set at the correct depth automatically. It is really cool and I will try to get a pic. I still shoot the gun regularly mostly killing starlings a bird that attacks our native birds in our area.

  21. A friend just gave me his old 1100 he’s had since he was a kid. he rarly shot it, its been in his closet. its like new. but because of the economy I need the money more than the 1100 now. How much is it worth? fair price that is. it might have a stuck valve the action wont seem to close. other than that it looks nice. I have no co2 or shot. it would be nice to keep but I can’t

  22. I took a very nice Crosman Model 1100 Trapmaster for collateral on a debt. I downloaded the manuals, purchased Crosman CO2 cartridges and purchased 100 rounds, however I have not fired the gun. I would like to sell everything and I have pictures of the gun. If anyone out there is interested, please contact me. Thanks, John McKinney

  23. I can be contacted at 918-459-4980 for information regarding the Crosman Trapmaster for sale mentioned in post #35.

  24. I need a trigger connector for my 1100. Mine broke just ahead of the ear that strikes the safety switch. Anybody know where to get parts?

  25. I have a trap master 1100 co2 shotgun in good condition, Would like to sell $150.00 email me @ I will send photos.. Butt plate my not be original..had since I was 11 (1971).

  26. I have an Crossman 1100 trapmaster along with 90 factory shot shells and 12 co 2 cylinders for sale
    I have had the weapon since 1974 when original owner gave to me a a graduation gift.
    Have fired only 10 shots during my ownership.
    asking $250.00 for all plus shipping cost
    please reply by email as I am in the marine industry and travel 300 plus days per year and as you see means I dont get to shoot much anymore

  27. I have a 1100 trapmaster for sale it was bought new and passed down to me. I also have about 2000 rounds of ammo some in box but all new.

  28. Hello, this question is for Joe I was given a 1100 and I am interested in making my own shells if you can give me any information on how it is done it would be appreciated. Ray

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