.87 caliber!

Gary Barnes just keeps making bigger and bigger PCP rifles. Now it’s an .87 caliber rifle- that’s bigger than the .69 caliber muskets carried in the Revolutionary War. It’s bigger than any of the “African” calibers used by professional African game hunters. It is in Hand Cannon territory.

So how does it perform? It tosses a 905gr (!) slug with a muzzle energy of 676 foot-pounds. That’s about twice the energy of a stock .44 special load- pretty impressive. Working backwards, we get a muzzle velocity of 580fps- pretty slow to today’s shooters- so the trajectory is going to be kind of bloopy beyond 20 yards. On the other hand, you can probably pretty much ignore wind effects. It’s probably the first air gun I’ve seen you could use for indirect fire.

Why buy an airgun this big? Good question. You could hunt medium game with it, local laws permitting. You could have fun plinking- though it’s going to be a very loud gun. Mostly, though, you’d buy this just becasue there’s nothing else quite like it. At least until Gary builds a bigger one.

Find out more about it at Gary’s page here.

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