The Daisy Powerline 1200 CO2 BB Pistol

Last month I packed up my Beeman P17 and mailed it off to my old pal Sgt. Dave. A week later, this box showed up in my mail:

and inside:

A genuine Daisy Powerline 1200, complete with all the paperwork. The 1200 was made from 1977 to 1966, replacing the CO2 200, which was functionally similar but had (I think) a more stylish appearance. Less plastic and more cast metal. Anyway, I thought I’d load it up and see how it performed.

Like most Daisy CO2 pistols, to insert a CO2 cartridge you remove one of the handgrips via the indent provided for the purpose:

Popping off the grip reveals the CO2 compartment and the trigger springs:

I don’t know of another Daisy, offhand, that shares the 1200’s clever trigger adjustment system: Three springs, of which one, two, or all three may be connected to the trigger. I left the setting alone for now, installed a CO2 cylinder and tightened the thumbscrew until I heard the brief “psst” indicated that the cylinder cap had been punctured. The appearance of frost around the neck of the cylinder indicated that gas had indeed flowed, chilling the neck enough to condense and freeze some moisture from the atmosphere.

Replacing the grip panel, I cocked and fired the gun and heard a reassuring “POP!” Time to actually load and test it.

It turned out I had a box of appropriate BBs on hand:

I inserted a dozen into the loading port:

stood five yards away from my pellet trap, and fired for the record in one-handed bullseye style. The resulting group:

I was aiming at the cross at the top of the photo, so you can see I was shooting a bit low and pulling to the left. My group is about 2″ by 3/4″. I suppose I could do better by shooting two handed, removing one of the trigger springs, and wearing my shooting glasses, which allow me to actually focus on the front sight. Still, not too shabby. It’s a fun plinker and I think I’ll keep it for a while. These are still pretty cheap, though I’ve seen people try to get as much as $80 for them on eBay. You should probably be able to find one for half that on collector’s forums, or for even less, if you shop yard sales.