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Category Archives: The Basics

Pellet Seating

Do you own one of those gorgeous little Beeman pellet seating tools? I do. It was one of the first accessories I bought after buying my first quality air rifle, a Beeman R7. The pellet seating tool is well made, it’s attractive, and it’s pretty cheap. Years ago a lot of “experts” recommended using it […]

Airgun Safeties

Last week the US CPSC announced a recall of Gamo air rifles (details here) after one report of an accidental discharge. as there was only one complaint, I’m curious- wouldn’t a defective safety have resulted in numerous complaints?- but at the same time, I’m surprised that there haven’t been thousands of such complaints, given the […]

Beware the man with just one gun

That’s an old saying. I don’t know where it comes from, but it carries a lot of truth. I quoted it the other day to a friend who was wondering if he should buy a .22 rifle to match his new .177 rifle, and he remarked that he wasn’t sure exactly what I meant by […]

Caliber choice

These days airgunners have an amazing choice in calibers- the old traditional .177 and .22, .20 caliber (as made famous by Sheriden), .25 (an old favorite resurrected in recent years, 9mm, 45, 50, and even larger. Which is right for you? For target shooters, the question is moot- .177 is the standard, and that’s that. […]